Our Artists


KARIEN JORDAAN (visit Karien Art website)


"A big thanks to ETH for my canvas! I love to go online and order the exact size I need, only to get it deliverer to my doorstep a few days later... what great customer service! Great people to deal with - friendly and very helpful. I'm super happy with my canvasses - top quality! I will definitely be using them for many more years to come."  

"Freedom", acrylic on canvas, 1210 x 910, Karien Jordaan

"Freedom", acrylic on canvas, 1120 x 910, Karien Jordaan

RIC HOLT (visit facebook page)


"I enjoy the feel to the canvas. I can more accurately paint lines without the interference of a weave that throws the brush off its course. Blending is also easier... doesn't make blotches... I am ecstatic!

ET&H delivers quality canvas, promptly, effectively with a personal touch. Nothing is ever too much effort! Brilliant personal service!

"Incongruity" oil on canvas, 1.8 m x 1 m - Artist Ric Holt

"Incongruity" oil on canvas, 1.8 m x 1 m - Artist Ric Holt

ALEX EMSLEY (visit website)


“ET&H canvas have been making my stretcher frames for years.  I stretch my own canvases because I use my own system with linen, but I’ve always used stretcher frames made by ET&H.  They are a pleasure to work with.”



 "Where I End & You Begin"; oil on linen, 70 x 80cm - Artist Alex Emsley

"Where I End & You Begin"; oil on linen, 70 x 80cm - Artist Alex Emsley

LINDA GOTLIEB (visit facebook page)

"I have been buying my bespoke canvases from ET&H for over two years and  find them a joy to paint on. It's all about dealing with people who know and love what they do! Customer service is fantastic, any issues sorted out, no problem and best of all, the care and love that goes into preparing the canvasses is evident.  With ET&H I am actually working with friends and partners  on my art journey."

Linda Gotlieb

ALICE TOICH (visit website)

"Best canvas quality in town and always created with care! I am so grateful to ET&H team for always getting my canvases promptly especially with tight deadlines. Henry, Bronwyn and the whole team always a delight to see and work with!" 

(Image: copyright Superbalist)

THARIEN SMITH (visit Saatchi Art Profile) 


CRAIG BANKS (visit website)

"Being relatively new to the canvas scene (most of my works are acrylics on masonite board) ET&H Canvas has made canvas my medium of choice. Great quality and service and simply a pleasurable painting experience."


PORTCHIE VILJOEN (visit website)

"ET&H is my favourite canvas supplier and I buy hundreds of canvasses from them every year. Fantastic quality, lovely people and excellent service!"

BOWEN BOSHIER (visit website)

"Fantastic care and quality. I have had my canvases stretched by ET and H for years - of satisfaction."





FRANS GROENEWALD (visit website)

"ET&H understands artists' needs and are known for quality and finish, prompt service (and honest if they are too busy). I've been using their canvasses for over 12 years."

Artists' Portfolio: Robertson Art Gallery, MB Gallery (Stellenbosch), Alice Art Gallery (Ruimsig, JHB), Kotze Kunsgalery (Bloemfontein), Fine Art Portfolio (Cape Town), The Winelands Art Gallery (Somerset West)


("Alarmed" 30 x 30 Print)

BRETT MURRAY (visit website)

"I have been buying supplies from ET&H for years now. Love dealing with them...great service and great staff!"

Thumbnail for Again Again

("Again Again" 2015 Goodman Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa)

HARRY ERASMUS (visit Winelands Art Gallery)

"We love the personal service we get from ET and H! High quality canvas at great prices with great service is a winning recipe. Thanks ET and H!"

("Cafe", oil on canvas, 1.5m x 1.2m)

PAUL SENYOL (visit blog) 

"ET&H build a quality canvas, and always produce my custom sizes to the millimetre."


("Habitation #1", mixed media on canvas, 320mm x 340mm)

JILL TRAPPLER (visit website)

“always on time, always well made, nice people to work with. Thank you for many years of good service.

("I see the dreams of water, I water dreaming", 3.75 m x 1.75)




RUTH GREAVES (visit Facebook page)

"You owe to your creative spirit the finest format. That would be a canvas from ET and H... You inspire us! One thing that is a given in this unpredictable life, is that you will always get the best canvasses and service from ET&H. We love you peeps!"

(Fossil Fish, oil on canvas, 2400 x 600)

GRETHA HELBERG (visit website)

"I can HIGHLY recommended ET & H canvasses! I love the texture of their canvasses, their quality is superb. Last but not least - they excel in their friendliness and good service!" 


("Smalbaai Ambience", oil on canvas, 762 x 508)

LAURETTE DE JAGER (visit website) 

"ETH is quite simply the best canvas suppliers South of the Sahara! I recommend them to my friends, colleagues and students alike – Excellent quality canvas, warm personalities and quite frankly the best service available. Life is simply too short to even contemplate using a different supplier."


("Ferris Wheel in Pripyat Ukraine", Aesthetics of Decay Series)




SHARON BOONZAAIER (visit website)

“ET&H canvasses are of an excellent quality and it is a pleasure to do business with their team. The quality in their canvasses gives me piece of mind in knowing that any artwork I paint on them will have longevity. I like the frame sturdiness, canvas strength and texture. I also like the fact that I am supporting local craftsmanship."

("Mythology Portrait 1", oils and gold leaf on canvas, 1m x 1m)

ANE DALLAS-ORR (visit blogspot)

"Friendly and efficient staff especially Henri the legend who always assists and guides me with stretching of my abstract artworks. I highly recommend ET & H Fine Arts Canvas"



"Raw", oil on canvas


"I have purchased canvas and oilpaint from ET & H Canvas. The quality of the canvas is superb. The personel very friendly and then I want to add, Bronwyn will go to any length to get what you want. Fantastic stuff!"


"Green Chair", oil on canvas



MELANIE MEYER (visit website)

"I have been using ETH for many years now. My experience has left me with no doubt that they are the best canvas suppliers in SA! I won’t use any other supplier or product.   When applying paint (be it standard oil, water soluble oil, acrylic and other mediums) all take to the canvas easily.  None of this slimy oily resistance nonsense I found on other commercial canvasses. And their service? Honest, reliable, friendly and professional.  Thank you ETH!"

("Waterfalls of Love", oil on canvas, 1.45m x 1.45m)

CLAUDIA GURWITZ (visit website)

"I have been purchasing all my canvases from E & T these past 12 years and have always enjoyed their personalised, reliable service"




("Dont be a Wallflower #4", oil on canvas, 70cm x 70cm)

PIETER JACQUES KRUGEL (visit The Art Studio for Art by Jacques)

"The ET&H team is always willing to assist in all my art needs!"

("Lighthouse", acrylic on canvas, 90cm x 60cm)

HELEN DARROCH (visit website)

"ET and H canvas offers superb quality canvasses and are always pleasant to deal with. Orders are done in the time frame they tell you when ordering" 


("Makondi Man", oil on canvas, 1m x 900mm)

KARI VORSTER (visit Facebook page)

"I am based on a farm and I receive my art supplies at my front door ;) thanx ET & H canvasses for your superb service and for being a very crucial part of my business."

(Part of "Nguni Cattle" range)

MALCOLM BOWLING (visit website)

"Superb quality stretched canvasses and stretching services. ETH always go the extra mile in personal attention utilizing the best materials and workmanship in getting the job done on time. I would definitely recommend ETH"

KATYA BURATOVICH (kdburatovich@gmail.com)

"my art - all done on your canvases, I use no one else"





TAMARA-LEIGH ALBERTYN (visit Facebook page)

"Just like the quote by Charles Horton Cooley '....an artist cannot fail....' the same rings true for e and t canvasses you cannot fail! I have had the pleasure of working on these canvasses and highly recommend them. The quality is outstanding!"


"Ek dink ET&H is `n fantastiese besigheid met uitstekende produkte, goeie diens en bekostigbare pryse. En die mense wat dit bedryf is vriendelik en pragtig"



MANDY MCKAY (visit website)

"A good painting starts with a good canvas. ET&H supply only the best quality canvasses, along with excellent service. I have been using their canvasses for years."



MIA CHAPLIN (visit website)

'I get my canvasses stretched by E&T because they are always reliable and go the extra mile to get the work done in time. E&T canvasses are expertly made and competitively priced. Their staff are friendly and helpful and I feel I can trust that my paintings are safe in their hands.'


MATTHEW GILL (visit Facebook page) / Matthew Gill on Instagram)

"I trust E and T canvasses. they are well built and in my opinion i havent worked on anything better. The turn around is quick once placing an order and i can continue work professionally."




SHEILA NOTT (visit Facebook page)

"I have been painting for forty years, and there is little I don't know about canvas. ET&H makes the best quality canvas I have ever worked on. And, I speak on good authority.... I designed it!"  

("Fanjan", oil on canvas, 900 x 600)


JOUBERT STANDER (visit website)

"et & h canvasses are the best quality canvases I have ever used! They consistantly deliver excellent service and prices. I am sticking with them!"












MIKE PARSONS (visit Pharos Art / The Winelands Art Gallery)

"The service myself and Mike have received from ET & H canvasses is one of impeccable professionalism. Thank you Bronwyn for your advice, speedy delivery, and quality products. ET & H really go the extra mile for their clients!" (Shannon Taylor, Pharos Art)


 NICOLE PLETTS (visit website) 

“I have always found ET&H canvases to be of the finest quality and a pleasure to paint on… I would recommend them to all artists…”



CARO ALLUM (visit website)

"A Truly reliable, down to earth and friendly company! I have been using their canvasses for over 10 years now and I am still satisfied  with their quality!"



"I am very impressed with the company who supplies me with canvasses, delivery and the quality of the canvass is excellent"




TRACY ALGAR (visit Blog)

"Because I live out of town it is a wonderful help to know the lovely Bronwyn Macklin, 2nd generation canvas stretcher and art materials supplier. Bronwyn supplies me with amazing quality canvasses at good prices and SchubArt acrylic paint.  The cherry on top is that my canvasses and paint are delivered to me on the farm, or to a neighbouring farm where coffee and a chat are part of the art supply delivery experience.  Bronwyn once told me she is willing to personally deliver to most places in the Hermanus area, but draws the line at having to take a boat across a river.  Fortunately we’re just off the R43, so deliveries aren’t too complicated."


JAMES DE VILLIERS (visit website)

"ET&H are always willing to help out immediately with any canvas problems and queries I may have as well as their products being well crafted, reliable, tough and competitively priced."

CHRISTO VAN RENSBURG (visit website)

"I have ordered my 1st canvas from ET&H in 2015.... i was so impressed with their professional service and quality of workmanship that i have now bought a total of 36 canvases.since.then.." 


ALAN B MCKERRON (visit website)

"I have always had good experience with ETAH  and have found there pricing very competitive and quality of work excellent." 

GARY FRIER (visit website)

"Its such a pleasure to work on quality products and know that the amount of work I've put into an artwork is the same standard as the frame and canvas that its on every time without fail.Makes for piece of mind for myself and my clients. Thanx et and h canvasses, always a pleasure."


JENNY PARSONS (visit website)

"I've received many years of good, professional service from E&T Canvasses. A canvas is an important part of a painter's materials, and I have great confidence in their product. I've recommended this company to many artists, over the years."

HEATHER AUER (visit website)

"I only use these excellent quality, beautifully stretched canvasses, which roll wonderfully when having to take off their stretchers to be sent overseas."






ADRIENNE SILVA (visit website)

"My canvases had to be certified for EU importation so the strechers were declared beetle free. E&T and H met all the requirements and there were no come backs. Thanks always"


("About Face", oil on canvas, 2m x 1.8m)

LESLEY CHARNOCK (visit website)

"It is a pleasure working with E & T canvasses and one can always be sure of a top quality product."



BRINDLEY PRITCHARD (visit website)

"ET&H has been a constant and efficient art supplier to me over many years, always eager, always friendly, and on time!"


YVETTE MOLENAAR-BENEKE (vist Facebook page / The Winelands Art Gallery / Pharos Art)

"I love working on your canvasses. Can never go back to any others. Great quality and your service is superb. Thank you!"

LAMBERT KRIEDEMAN (visit website)

"I've been a full-time professional artist for more than 40 years. During that time I've been forced to deal with a number of canvas suppliers, as none of them stayed in business as long as I did.  I can honestly say that ET&H are producing the best quality canvasses I have ever used. Not only that. but their service is consistently excellent. May they stay in business forever!"




HAYDEE BREGANSKI (visit Facebook page)

"I just have to give a huge shout out to Bronwyn Macklin and ET & H Canvases in Cape Town. BEST canvases I've ever used, and believe me, I've tried them all. The surfaces are beautifully primed, so that no further priming is needed and the tooth is perfect for brush, and palette knife. The paint just glides and then literally bounces the colour off. Delivery to Jhb is not a problem either, and Bronwyn went out of her way to get my canvases to me urgently. Thanks Bron, you have a very happy customer."


ESMELINDA VISSER (visit Facebook page)

"For the BEST canvasses made to order, only one place to go....... ET&H"



MILA POSTHUMUS (visit website)

"In all my years of working with ET&H, their products and service have been exceptional. They truly go the extra mile to supply me with what I want, when and how I want it!"


KAREN LITSON (visit Facebook page)

"I am delighted to endorse your fabulous canvases and have in fact already had the pleasure of passing on your contact details on a few occasions already."


PHULANI LIEBENBERG (visit website)

"Thank you so much Bronwyn Macklin and ET&H Fine Arts Canvas for your impeccable service and superb quality canvasses, I absolutely love them!!"


HANNETJIE DE CLERQ (visit website / Facebook page)

“I want to thank ETH for their detail attention...to make my canvasses, you need patience and perfection.”

CORAL FOURIE (visit Facebook page)

"Since I discovered ET&H canvasses, I cannot and never will use any other!"


ANET DU TOIT (visit Facebook page)

"Ek het nog nie op beter geskilder nie! ET & H Fine Arts CAnvas is verseker die beste waarop ek nog die voorreg gehad het om op te skilder. Ek kan dit verseker aanbeveel aan enige iemand wat opsoek is na 'n beter kwaliteit canvas, as die wat jy in die winkels kry. Dankie Bronwyn vir 'n puik produk!"


JEANETTE NICHOL (visit Facebook page)

"ET&H Canvases are wonderful to deal with, fantastic quality, speedy response time, great attention to detail, just such a pleasure to deal with."


HUGO PRINSLOO (visit Facebook page / Tracy Algar)

"It is an absolute pleasure to be using such a good product.....not to mention the team and after sales help"



DAMIAN OSBORNE (visit website)

"EF&T canvases are the best I've found in Cape Town. It saves me the time of making my own, since I'm so fussy about quality." 

LAURA WENMAN (visit website)

"I'm a fussy customer,yet ET&H have managed to keep me satisfied and happy with Price,Product and Service."

HANNES VAN DER WALT (visit website)




BRONWYN MACKLIN (visit Facebook page) / Bronwyn's Heartscapes)



RENTIA COETZEE (visit Facebook page)

"ET&H defines excellent service and 'aim to please'! From the moment I unwrap the ET &H canvas I am in heaven! Great quality and value for money! My clients love your canvases too! Thanks for great service and a friendly smile always!"




JEANETTE UNITE (visit website)

"Thanks for the beautiful workmanship from Henry and your team - it really helps having such lovely quality supports to make the artworks on."  


NEVILLE HICKMAN (visit website)


SALLY ARNOLD (visit website)

"ET and H canvases have been my staples since returning from working as an artist in Europe. I discovered good quality, smooth finishes and very sturdy stretchers. Definitely to be recommended."


RICHARD MUDARIKI (visit website)



RONEL ALBERTS (visit Facebook page)

"Vandat ek ET&H canvas ontdek het is dit al wat ek gebruik! KWALITEIT en GOEIE DIENS is wat hulle die beste beskryf! Baie dankie Bronwyn!"



MICHELE BATCHELDER (visit Facebook page)

"AWESOME canvasses! Love the professional finish and priced right too! Thanks ET &H!"




BARBARA BECKER (visit Facebook page)

"I have used E & T Canvasses for many years and have been extremely happy with their quality canvasses and excellent service. Their canvas prices are good and they are happy to deliver directly. I highly recommend them. "


MARIE THERON - (visit Facebook page)

"Ek is verslaaf aan ET&H canvasses wat by my deur op die verre Weskus afgelewer word. Gedurende die maande wat ek in die VSA aan kommissies gewerk het, het ek dikwels gewens ek het van Bronwyn se skilderdoeke wat volgens my spesifikasies gemaak word."


HELEN VAN STOLK (visit website)




MANDY LAKE (visit website or Facebook page)

"I highly recommend E & T for their superior quality canvases and their warm and efficient service."


"I AM I LOVE WITH THIS CANVAS!! i received it last night ... I cannot stop ranting and raving about it THANK YOU SO MUCH Bronwyn Macklin and everyone down at ET and H Fine Arts Canvas for the Beyond amazing service!!you really are a gem #happycustomer"




ANTHONY C. MORTON (visit website)

"My experience with ET & H has always been very positive. They have been happy to accommodate non-standard specifications I have asked for and I find the large canvasses far easier to move around than other options due to their choice in using either spruce or obeche. This makes working with this medium a pleasure."








ANDREW BARLOW (visit website / Facebook page)



ANET LOUW (visit website)

"I find your canvasses absolutely amazing after using various different ones before. I love the fine tooth of the special fine canvasses, they are excellent for the portrait commissions I sometimes get. Thanks for your hard work making all the artists happy!"


ANDREW HART ADLER  (visit website)

"After I had set up my studio in Cape Town and had started working, I asked someone where I could have stretchers made. I was told about E&T. Since 4 years I have never looked back, knowing that I can count on them for reliability, quality and expedience. (And friendliness)"


ANITA VOLSCHENK (visit Facebook page / Rietjie by Anita)

"Ek love my canvas wat ek gebruik van ET&H..dis van topgehalte..duursaam en bekostigbaar. Dankie vir HT&H en Bronwyn Macklin vir jul goeie en spoedige diens!"

SHELLEY ADAMS  (visit website)

"I have used E@T canvasses since they first went into production. I have not found any other canvas make so well suited to my needs" 



SHANNON PHILLIPS (visit website)

"As an artist, I have been using E&T Canvasses for many years. The quality of their canvasses is of a very high quality, which is essential for the art that I produce. An added bonus, is that the staff are all friendly and go the extra mile!"

"Train your mind to see the good in everything" 1100 x 900 , mixed media on canvas

ANGELA KUUN (visit Facebook page)

"I absolutely adore the quality canvas from E & T canvases.... I really feel like I have been missing out these past few years. I am a new customer, but have been blessed with phenomenal service from Bronwyn and the team - will definitely not buy elsewhere again after painting on these exquisite canvases".


JOE JOUBERT (visit Facebook page)

"Great products and a service to match it.Equal if not better than any premium quality imported artist canvasses Support South African business"



("Prerogative", oil on canvas, 1000 x 790)


ANTHONY EVANS (view website)

"I first discovered ET&H when I moved to Cape Town in 2013 and they quickly became my go-to for quality sturdy canvas, it's always an easy pleasure dealing with them - they be good people."


("The Blue Within", acrylic on canvas, 610 x 450)



ANNAMARIKE TEIJEMA (visit website)

("A Very Happy Boy", acrylic on canvas, 950 x 750)

INANDA PAGE (visit Facebook page)



("Rush", acrylic on canvas, 400 x 300)


RUTH WALTER (visit website)




("Van Elinckhuizen", oil on canvas, 1200 x 900)


TALETA WILLER (visit website)

"I am very impressed with their friendly and very responsive service! It is a brilliant company to work with, their canvases are of great quality and wonderful to work on."

"Whiskers", oil on boxed canvas, 650 x 600

AMIRA (Antoinette Coetzee - visit website)


"The canvasses in the shops are very cheaply made and when painted on, buckle. ET&H Canvasses though are very high quality, durable and well-priced. The canvas has a great look and easy to work with. Primed & durable for bettering your painting to a well finished art work. A must for any artist. Thank you for giving us great quality & service."


RIP Hope, Artist Amira

"RIP Hope", Artist Amira



SHEENA RIDLEY - (visit website)

"I feel confident to order from E T and H, they are quick, reliable and professional. I can't wait to get my new canvasses!"


"The Digger", oil on canvas

TYRREL THAYSEN (visit facebook page)

"I have recently started using e and t canvass. Recommended by fellow artists. Not only has it greatly enhanced my work but it is a pleasure to work on these surfaces. At all times have I found the e and t team to be totally professional and reliable, as well as friendly. I would heartily recommend their products and services."

hani alqam by Tyrrel Thaysen