Masonite Mounts

Masonite Mounts

Although a canvas is the first thing that springs to mind, Masonite Mounts are a stunning alternative for those who press very hard against their 'ground', or use plenty layers and textures in their art. A versatile and durable element that can be used for both interior and exterior works.

We make these available either primed or un-primed, and can futher process these into primed or un-primed canvas masonite mounts. (Canvas stretched over)


(Once complete, we can remove your finished painting and re-stretch onto a new frame for you - so you can re-use your masonite, which in this instance, becomes your 'support')

Masonite is a more economical alternative to plywood, and more compressed - but for those that prefer it, plywood panels are available.

Our panels are expertly sanded in-between three layers of primer.

Please feel free to contact us for a quotation on 071 528 8815 / info@eandtcanvasses.co.za