ETH Art Canvas Services


(if you notice something that’s not here but which you’d like to see here – call me! I’ll ensure we make a plan, or at least try!)
- Bespoke artists canvasses (for oil and acrylic), with or without wedges
- Bespoke (smooth) artists canvasses (perfect for fine detail / watercolours), with or without wedges
- Standard econo / students range canvasses
- Stretching of original artworks / fabric / canvas prints onto frames (with or without wedges), with or without masonite backing

- Varnishing of prints and paintings
- Bespoke frames (no canvas)
- Tinted primers
- Clear primer (so linen is visible but prepared to receive any medium.)
- Edged sides (choice of colours)
- Shaping / curved corners
- Art Packaging & transport (local and overseas – extender tubes / fumigated, bespoke crates)
- Re-stretching and priming of new canvas onto an existing frame
- Primed / unprimed masonite mounts, with or without canvas stretched over
- Primed / unprimed plywood panels
- Primed / unprimed masonite boards, with or without canvas
- Bespoke easels
- Re-handling (if your frame needs some attention after your work is complete)
- Courier/delivery available for anywhere in SA or abroad
.... if its made from timber and canvas, we can make it for you!