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EXPERT MANUFACTURE of custom-, Fine Arts canvas - made EXACTLY to specification, to perfectly suit your individual needs. Call 071 528 8815 now!



Please note that unless otherwise agreed, terms strictly DUE ON ORDER. We will be unable to place your order on the production line unless we payment has been made and proof thereof (EFT) furnished to us. Orders will be prioritised according to order in which payments are received unless otherwise agreed. There is a 14-day return policy on the rare occasion that you may be unhappy with your product or service, and we will be happy to accept a return and organise a subsequent refund / credit, should this be required, provided the product is in the same condition as what it was when it left our our shop and is unused and the reason for return is acceptable to the company.

We ultimately prefer an electronic transfer (our banking details are printed on the invoice you receive per email), however cash payments (at the premises / direct deposits) are also accepted.


If an order is placed, it is assumed that you have accepted terms and conditions included herein, one of which is collection of your order, unless delivery or alternative transport has been arranged.

Cancellation of orders after they have been placed, carry a 50% penalty fee, plus any additional costs incurred as a result of the deconstruction of the order.

Jobs that have been abandoned / not collected from the factory for longer than 30 days after completion, will be charged an additional storage fee of R 100 per week, to a maximum of 60 days.  Thereafter, the Company is entitled to take legal action against the defaulter, and claim any additional costs that may be incurred as a result of this. 



All our prices are adjusted accordingly and regularly to ensure that all our prices are properly market-related and in line with what our product requires to remain sustainable.

Our canvasses are custom-made.  This is why there are no price lists published on this site. Pricelists available only on request and may not be distributed without prior permission of the company.

We prefer to quote on an individual basis, since a number of different factors besides the obvious are taken into account when calculating the price. for example volumes; whether you are a retailer or agent; the kind of work you do (artist, printer, franchise etc); as well as practical matters like packaging and transport considerations. We focus on what your unique requirements are, and what these will be going forward. 

Size matters.  Especially when we start getting to the larger (1000 x 1000 for 23mm frames and 750 x 750 for boxes) sizes, which need supporting cross-bars in addition to the standard, four-sided frame.

We quote according to your specific portfolio, and encourage you to complete the necessary fields provided, so we can contact you soonest!  

We are also available 24/7 for quotes via email to info@eandtcanvasses.co.za


Resale options are available on request and strictly subject to prior, written consent being obtained from ET&H Canvasses (Pty) Ltd.

No stock on consignment.

In such instances, an individual pricing structure will be provided, as well as a recommended retail price list, reflecting the prices available to the public should clients wish to purchase from us directly. No action or intent by the agent to claim otherwise regarding our prices, will be tolerated. 

No undercutting of the recommended retail prices permitted, however the agent is entitled to mark up as they see fit. We will guarantee agents sole-agency within a certain perimeter in order for the retailer to remain competitive.

Resale is also subject to our Company name and contact details (as stamped on the back of every frame) being visible at ALL times.  

Legal action will be taken against any stockist or individual that attempts to disguise the identity of the source of our product, with or without permission having been obtained from us for the resale of our canvasses.

With regards advertising and resale, all and any advertising of our product, on our behalf or otherwise, is prohibited, subject to prior written consent by the company.  The company provides adequate social media options for advertising purposes, to which re-sellers will have access. We are very specific about the way we want our image and policies portrayed and no re-seller will be permitted to assume representation of the company without prior consultation and agreement. Additional information on application.


We are not currently VAT registered.


Although we always strive to deliver exceptional service, turnaround time on canvas production, stretching or any other services will be determined as a standard on each job.  

We understand that sometimes urgency is optimal,   and will always try and accommodate you.  

However, being at the mercy of stock availability (timber, cotton etc),   we ask for your understanding when jobs can't be processed within the anticipated period. 

Turnaround times will be provided as a guideline per job - please be aware of and try and plan accordingly so as to avoid delays, especially when deadlines are concerned. We cannot accept responsibility for a deadline that cannot be met due to delays outside of our control.


Packaging, delivery and/or courier costs will be for your own account and will be included on your invoice unless you arrange for collection yourself.


Due to the massive variety of our stock, we are unable to provide all possible shipping options on either our online or retail sales platforms. The options provided (on the original invoice or via written quotation) indicate the MINIMUM delivery and/or packaging charges (if any) that are applicable, and by choosing any of them, you agree that and all additional charges incurred with respect to this will be billed to your account on a second and separate invoice. Please note that rates are calculated according to Volumetric weight and will be invoiced separately should they in reality exceed the amount on the original invoice. Likewise, should the charges for items chosen be LESS than what it cost to send you your order, you will be refunded accordingly. Please visit www.eandtcanvasses.co.za for more information or contact us at queries@eandtcanvasses.co.za / 021 448 4071 to make alternative arrangements

All our deliveries are outsourced and we are in no way responsible for any damages incurred to orders during transit. Should such damage occur, you will have to recover any losses directly from the transporter involved or from your insurance company. Packaging of items are done according to standard, and marked extremely fragile prior to dispatch. No insurance will be taken on transport unless you arrange for it yourself.



Working hours as follows:

07:30 - 04:00, Mon - Thurs

07:30 - 14:00 Fridays

The factory is closed on weekends and public holidays, unless otherwise advertised


The client understands and agrees that, although extremely unlikely, any damage caused during the stretching process of prints / paintings / fabrics / own canvas or linen, and caused directly by and directly as a result of the particular material's original condition or "stretching" ability, the company cannot be held liable. (For example - very fragile fabrics that are not prepared properly for stretching and tear; paintings where paint "cracks" as a result of the stretch because of the quality and quantity of the medium used being disproportionate to what is reasonably acceptable; prints submitted with incorrect dimensions in order for us to complete the required specification etc. etc). Our stretchers are the best in the business - but can only work with what is provided. The company reserves the right to refuse a stretching order should it be determined, in our opinion, that the material delivered is likely to be damaged due to its nature, or during the stretching process. The company cannot however be expected to predict this successfully, but will endeavor to produce the best product and service within the realm of our ability. 

We are permitted a 1mm deviance on canvas and 5mm on fabrics. Frames are cut according to dimensions and specifications of prints received and clients cannot hold the company responsible for deviations in sizes of frames due to submitted dimensions not being correct. Stretching will occur exactly according to the dimensions of the material, and frames cut only after measurements have been done.


Although we are more than happy to re-stretch canvas onto previously used frames - this can only be guaranteed on our own frames. The company reserves the right to refuse to re-stretch on a "foreign" frame, should it be determined that said frame (not originally produced by the company) is not safe to re-handle. This is with specific reference to the susceptibility of timbers other than what we use, not only to warping, but to borer beetle - a common and potentially devastating malady.