ARTHACKS with ETH Canvas !


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Used in a variety of applications, including printing, bookbinding, crafting, packaging, backing of notepads and calendars, puzzles, art projects, graphic design projects, model-building, postcards, fine arts (sculpture), screen printing "paper boards", die-cuts, album covers etc.

Inbox me for prices, since quantities and microns and will determine your discount!

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The solution you've been waiting for!


400 mm x 350 mm @ R95

600 mm x 500 mm @ R145

920 mm x 700 mm @ R240

920 mm x 920 mm @ R306

1120 mm x 860 mm @ R335

1120 mm x 1120 mm @ R408

1320 mm x 1000 mm @ R466

1600 mm x 1320 mm @ R540

1500 mm x 1450 mm @ R678

2000 mm x 1450 mm @ R875


ArtPakk Art Bag

ArtPakk Art Bag




Art Pakk Art Bags


The bags are made up of 3 different bonded layers, consisting of 4mm thick polyethylene sandwiched between 2 layers of polypropylene  = a total of 6mm consistent, protective material.

Stitched Velcro seal on the inside of the flap, making it easy to reseal again and again

Middle layer of bag has a cushioning effect that recovers after pressure. It is also an extremely strong material whilst being lightweight at the same time.

Edges are sewn together with strong fabric bindings, preventing sides from splitting or edges of the art works piercing through. No more need for blue edging to protect the edges of your art from knocks….

Both fabrics used are non-toxic & recyclable materials and unlike bubble wrap can be used repeatedly whilst being eco-friendly – it doesn’t harm the environment either in production or in use.

The inner and outer layers are made of polypropylene – a nontoxic and lightweight fabric with ph neutral properties. (important in the long-term protection of art during storage)

The water resistant and mould repellent properties of the lining protects your art against often irreversible water damage.

The fabric is breathable, soft and exceptionally strong – with excellent filtration properties, making it moisture resistant and resistant to chemical contamination.

The middle lining of the bag is entirely waterproof (water will run off the material)

The bag is the perfect solution for storing artworks in temperature controlled rooms – since the middle lining has properties that can keep the temperature of the bags contents constant – important since fluctuations in temperature can be harmful to certain types of art mediums.

The ArtPakk Art Bag is highly recommended for art transport (would need additional reinforcement like a crate for export) and storage.

This awesome bag is now available from ETH Canvas at 15% off the recommended retail price (!!!!!) so get yours now!

**Please note that I currently only have the blue bags available.


Get your 3-card pack now for the awesome launch price of R199!!

CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW IT WORKS !! (watch video on FORMcards website)


"FORMcards are made in loads of lovely colours which makes them fun to use in different situations, like camo green for foresty people, fluo orange for high visibility fixes or simple primary red, yellow, blue to mix your own colours. We will also soon be releasing crazy mutant mixed colours for people into zombie apocalypse / alien invasions...... Oh, and of course we also have black, white and grey for more understated situations."




 Covers for strange shaped tools

Form Card                 Form Card