Art Crating

Specialized crating for the transport of (stretched) paintings and prints

Stretch.......? Or Roll..... ?

The idea that sending paintings or prints from RSA abroad, rolled and in a tube, is cheaper than sending them already stretched, I have found is (in certain situations) somewhat of an illusion...

Interestingly enough, expert stretching facilities in overseas countries is sorely lacking, perhaps due to a lower demand.....? (I don't know) Regardless, this may leave your foreign clients finding themselves having to approach a framer for a solution, who oftentimes themselves need to consult a carpenter for help...(I kid you not!), making this already expensive service an utterly exorbitant one!

Depending on your specific requirement, it may very well be "cheaper" (for your client and you in the long-run) to include the stretching, packaging and (slightly extra) shipping cost, in the beginning, rather than sending your client the added surprise of realizing that getting the painting hung, may very well cost more than they paid for the painting in the first place......

It's your responsibility to educate your client.

And, I KNOW it may make the initial selling price of your artwork appear more attractive if you try and find the lowest courier cost you possibly can..... BUT, keeping repeat business in mind (your AND your client's wallet!) , charging that little bit extra for the work, stretched on a frame and ready to hang, will be well worth it in the end.

Ultimately, it obviously all depends on your unique scenario - it's just worth a mention and a worthwhile habit to form to always check both options! You might be surprised.

(For info on How to Roll a Painting for Transport, please visit Bronwyn's Blog)

Images on this page are samples of the of strong , sturdy, hardboard crates we manufacture for the safe transport / shipping of your stretched paintings or prints. Just send us your painting, and we will package and crate!

There is a specialized fumigation service as well, for the issuing of certificate as required by international shipping customs regulations and ISPM 15 Guidelines

Packaging by people who know how! PS - the fumigation services are available for frames, crates, paintings, prints...

Please contact us for quotes - crates are priced at R550 excl / sqm/80mm, and include internal protection and packaging.

Fumigation cost R550 excl. / call-out and treatment.